One Less Reason

Verse 1
Since you left me here the sun won't shine.
I could never see it from your veiw.
And since then I don't have much to give.
I hear I never meant that much to you...
And I'm sorry.

I close my eyes and its just your face.
On my heart I wrote your name.
I want you to be free, I want you to be free from me.

Hear me laugh or see me smile but know inside my heart is breaking.
Its been so long since I've seen your face and I'm not sure that I can make it,
through this life another day with alone written on my label.
I wonder if you feel the same?

Verse 2
Everyone here had the chance to love.
I guess I didn't get that choice.
I know someone sings the song, the song of your heart.
I guess I didn't have the voice and I'm sorry...

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