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The Trooper And The Maid Or The Trumpet Sounds At Burreldales

Old Blind Dogs

A trooper lad came here __
Frae riding he was weary
A trooper lad came here __
And the moon was shining clearly

Chorus (after each verse):
Lassie, I'll lie near ye yet
Bonnie lassie, I'll lie near ye
And I'll gar all your ribbons reel
In the morning 'ere I leave ye

She's ta'en the trooper by the hand
And led him tae the chamber
She's gi'en him breid and wine tae drink
And his love, it flared like tinder

She's made her bed both wide and lang
Made it like a lady
She's pu'ed her petticoats o'er her heid
Crying, "Trooper, are ye ready?"

He's ta'en off his big top coat
Likewise his hat and feather
He's ta'en his broadsword frae his side
Oh an' he's laid doon aside her

The trumpet sounds at Burreldales
Sayin' man and horse mak' ready
The drums are beat at __ Hill
Lads, leave yer mams and daddys

The fifes do play at __
Let's leave the __ o' Fyvie
The trooper tae the fair maid said
"Bonnie lassie, I maun leave ye"

"Fan will ye come back again?
An' fan will we marry?"
"Fan frost __
Oh it's then I will na tarry"

She's pu'ed her coatie o'er her head
An' followed him doon thro' Stirling
But she grew so fu' that she could na bow
And he's left her in Dunferline

Cheese and breid for girls and dames
Corn and hay for horses
Aye cups o' tea is for auld wives
Aye an' lads for bonnie lassies

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