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Star O' The Bar

Old Blind Dogs

Oh I'll sing you a stave if you'll gies your attention
It's no song of pity, it's no tale of woe
And no word of honor or love will I mention
But I'll sing of a lassie I kent long ago

No better than most, and no worse as many
And what drew me to her's no' easy to say
She was course, she was heartless, and she wasnae that bonnie
But she was the star o' the bar in her day

I've stravaiged the Royal Mile with her, drinking in style with her
And Rose Street from end to end often surveyed
Fought and swore in the pubs with her, rolled in the dubs with her
Cadged many's a sub from her never repaid


All you chaps with young lassies, believe me, love soon passes
And all your bright dreams are but straws in the wind
Better one who'll sit down with you, sing a fine tune with you
Pass the glass 'round with you, drink herself blind

(Chorus 2x)

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