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Rolling Home

Old Blind Dogs

Call all hands to man the capstan
See the cable running clear
Heave around and with the wheel, boys
For our homeland we must steer

Chorus (after eavh verse):
Rolling home, rolling home
Rolling home across the sea
Rolling home to Caledonia
Rolling home, dear land, to thee

From the pines of California
And by Chile's endless strand
We have sailed the world twice over
Every port in every land

And to all ye blaggard pirates
Who would chase us from the waves
Heed ye well that those who've tried us
Soon have found their watery graves

We were boarded in Jamaica
Where the Jolly Rodger flew
But our swords were hardly drawn, boys
'Ere they took a rosy hue

We return with precious cargo
And with bounty coined in gold
And our sweethearts will rejoice, boys
For they lo'e their sailors bold

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