Old Blind Dogs

Fan first he cam' tae Kilbogie toon
Wi' his wee short coat and his tartan plaidie
First fan he cam' his bonnie lassie tae see
She lay in her bed 'til the breakfast was ready

She said she __ oot into the fields
Oot into the fields along wi' her daddy
But fine kent he by __ hand
She lay in her bed 'til the breakfast was ready

Oh fan the breakfast was laid oot
It was laid oot and gotten ready
Up spake her mither untae her
"Hae nothin' tae dae wi' a Hielan' laddie"

So they baith gaed oot tae tak' a walk
Tae tak' a walk 'til the dinner was ready
He heisted her up on his high horse's back
An' she's far far awa' frae her hame in Kilbogie

Fan it's first tae the Heilan's they cam'
There was nothin' there fittin' for a lady
There was naebody there tae welcome her hame
But an' auld cankered carl and an auld doited wifey

Well, the teen, he ca'd her Lawlan Jean
An' the tither, she ca'd her Lawlan Jennie
But she's ca'd them a far better thing
It's ma' Heilan daddy an' ma' Heilan mamie

Oh fan at last tae the Hielan's they cam'
There was nothin' there fittin' for a lady
Nothin' there tae lay doon upon
But a wee pickle heather an' his tartan plaidie

"In my faither's hoose there's blankets and sheets
An' they're all laid oot and gotten ready
Very, very angry wad he be
Tae see me lyin' here on yer tartan plaidie"

"In the Hielan's we've got flocks o' sheep
An' they are very thick and bonnie
An' ye'll get wool an' ye can spin
An' mak' ye a blanket instead o' a plaidie"

"Oor sheep are guid and guid eneuch
But barley rigs are better bonnie
They'll stand up tae the wind and the rain
Fan yer sheep, they'll be in the wintery weather"

"A carriage and horses ye will prepare"
A carriage and horses was gotten ready
A carriage and horses tae carry her awa'
An' she's back tae her hame in Kilbogie

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