Braw Sailin

Old Blind Dogs

Oh there came a letter yesterday
Our ship, it will sail at morn
"Alas," cried my bonny lass
That ever I were born

And it's braw sailing on the sea
When wind and weather's fair
But it's better to be in my love's arms
I wish that I were there

So when he went to her farm house
At twelve o'clock at noon
The lassie being proud-hearted
She would not let him in


So she's taen the ring from her pocket
It cost her shillings nine
Saying, "Take this ring, my bonny lad
For I have changed my mind"

So he's taen the ring from his pocket
It cost him guineas three
Saying, "Take this ring, my bonny lass
And aye think well of me"


And it's braw drinking Glasgow beer
It's better drinking wine
But it's better to be in my love's arms
Where I have been many's the time

(Chorus 3x)

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