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U Guessed It

OG Maco

Goddamn boy that nigga mac didn't never call bruh
But I'm seeing that nigga everywhere bruh
Dog you know that nigga went hollywood and shit
Man fuck that nigga dog
Ogg? Fuck is a ogg? Ogg, ogg!
Aye bruh
I mean you don't think that nigga really getting no money right?
I mean that nigga ain't really fucking hoes, right?
Well (damn)

Bitch, you guessed it!
Woo! You was right
Bitch, you guessed it!
Grah-grah! Fuck nigga on sight
Bitch, you guessed it!
Still in that place, and I'm flexin'
Woo! Bitch, you guessed it
I'm still with my niggas, come and test us

Walkin' around with extra in my pocket
Bitch, you next to us
Why the fuck are you next to us?
Bitch, you should come test us
I seen what you rockin', and bitch you can't dress with us
Seen what yo bitch looked like, and nigga I wasn't impressed or nothin'
Fuck nigga, come and talk it out
Fuck nigga, we ain't talkin' it out
What the fuck we finna talk about
All we know is that mula, benji's, franklin's and that guala
Fetti with us, bunch of our niggas
Bunch of them bitches all in they whip
Lickin' on titties
Runnin my check up I think I'm with nike, I'm sprinting
Sheesh, y'all couldn't hear me
Bitch, you guessed it
You was motherfucking right

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