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Love In The City

OG Maco

As if I don't know why your face so blunt
Bet a real nigga try to tell you what it is
You was standing screaming, "no the fuck it ain't"
Why the fuck you came? Why he never will?
Funny cause those same conversations got
A young roll running life straight to the bank
And I ain't got beef, but if it's bread on my head
I must take the situation
Say you got hittas but the boys real hittas
Ain't tweeting with location
Put in work, dip vacation, pouring out

Little for my niggas lord knows that they should've made it
And I don't like niggas screaming "live life"
when you living life like a pussy
Green dot goals get sick to my niggas
lord pray they keep on pushing
Pray I keep moving, know I keep it thugging
Fuck a hater nigga man I never seen them niggas
Cause they never seen nothing
Never felt my pocket, same niggas plotting
Same niggas with her now staring at the
Motherfucking internet like "we did it! "

But we ain't even made it, I'm just getting fucking faded
Belaire rose and I'm sipping on this shit like "mm this tasty"
Man I swear I can taste it
Looking at this money man, motherfuckers
swear I had to chase it
Now I sit on my couch and I'm
pushing hands up like the bitch you been
Fucking these niggas she met on the road
Bitches at my house they want alarm codes
But I don't know you
Now it's love in the city, where the love in the city?

Motherfucker, we don't owe you
Motherfucker, we don't owe you
Bitch wiggle, we don't know you
Sipping belaire rose
Talking to your bitch about foreplay
And I bet she know where the gang stays
And I bet she know where the gang hang, gang bang
Got my nigga, running behind me with shot buck
Installed he look like chief keef saying bang bang

Call a nigga beth, call this shit a hit
And I don't need no motherfucking plaque
Get the fuck off my dick
Got a fuck nigga sick
Fuck the g man, they shot me
You the same bitch nigga
Yeah the same lame nigga
Motherfucka just want me

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