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Fat Fuck

OG Maco

Whoever thought I be a winner
Same niggas at the table with me
And I never cared for niggas reasons
I'm reapin' rippin' knockin' albums out
The doubt was easy now it hurt I see it
Cause I told you bout it dreams that we believe in
I'm like cesear brutus brooding bubbling fuming

Cause his future falling right before his eyes
Why you look so surprised
Winner smile
Winter time mama warm from the mink
Life on edge pushed me to brink
I lost everything and the kitchen sink
Pride is had to swallow what a drink
Pack in monte carlo and it stink
I'm hard to follow

Ace behind wit the k
Hard to bother
Fuck around and get sprayed
See a model fuck around and get laid
Manufactured fake philosophic pillow talking lil' niggas
Birthed from l's like pink dolphin my nigga
Its dead
Waitin' on the coffin ass nigga
My mama told me I was awesome ass nigga
Go and get it
Fuck a critic
And earn ya winnings
Spend it on the dinner

But nothing taste sweeter than victory
Fat nigga tried to belittle me
Gave 'em hell
As far as next
Ion know
I'm just do what the fuck I want
Shit I been this since my mama birthed
Words be so strong but ya pockets hurt
Niggas just hate when you know ya worth
Take ya city, now you on my turf

It's whatever however you want it
Bitch I'm just sick of the frontin'
It's whenever however you want it
Or chill the fuck out with the cloning
It's whenever or nigga you petty
You just tryna get a lil' moment
It's whatever however you want it
Just know that these killas condone it

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