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Do Better

OG Maco

The world been unforgiving so it's fitting that we are
It's hopeless souls who're gifted
but won't make it off that block
And mothers know to tell their sons be weary of the cops
Skin locked, friends lost, the picket fence was never ours
Swapped the white for grayish bars, child time, wreck time
Deion stuck in ar
Life is like a box of chocolates
but these bastards spit in ours
Crackers kill in cold blood, they just let darren wilson walk

If we go grab kalashnikovs, we're savage brutes
they'll pick us off
Trayvon couldn't have a hoodie on
Kimani gray was empty handed
Lil' tamir was only 12 when they killed him november 22nd
Cameron tillman, sean bell
This ain't nothin' new to us
New emmett tills, you know the drill

They're lynchin' still, just usin' guns
The biggest threat is our brown skin
With mouths filled and worth somethin'
All they want for us is crack houses
and a hearse, somethin'
All these rich niggas in the world still won't unite nothin'
I won't play the hype and just blame whites
We gotta build somethin'
Yeah I know we've been thuggin'
But that shit is why we've been strugglin'
Repair, replace, let's heal youngins
Our daddy said let's live abundant

You know what I'm sayin'? Man it's niggas out here
Just doin' shit. You feel me, nigga?
Go do somethin', nigga. Grab a young man
tell him do better
The drug is life, fuck pills, homie
Have you ever even left your hood?
What's good, you need a trip don't you?
Just don't use the lucy
You repute it, access putrid

45 And you'll use it
You don't want a 9 to 5
Make a plan and fortify
Of being court and all mortified
They hand the senate that's big as shit
You won't see the light 'til you're 65
Just win, my nigga
It takes plenty focus and equal drive
You gotta dig, fuck pity
And my city love the semi

Hate is auto when you're so far ahead they just gotta follow
I got this firearm, I will come behead 'em
Big headed, my mind like mandark in dexter
Stop tryna preach, just teach
I reach that nigga under pressure
And press a presidential potential
But he can't shine from them trenches
Sports weren't made for everybody
He spends his time on them bitches
Lose your pride and use your mind
You have to mine it for the riches

Do them dishes if you want
That residue'll have you gone
The rent is due, you need some food
You give a fuck less what I'm on
I underdigged, don't get me wrong
But there's a world we gotta change
We start with you, I'll get them goin'
This shit'll be a marathon

Let it marinate, let that man cook
May this truth I speak give me awkward looks
And open minds that's been mistook
Young richard nix, I'm not a crook
Let's keep it real, it's change afoot
Y'all don't understand so y'all can see it
When you see the master plan, mothafucka

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