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Broke or Rich 2

OG Maco

Cardo got winggs
Things change when they pockets go to shit
I was just rappin' on the floor
Do you understand
Cardo beats on live life last year was second-hand
Promised all my family we'd live forever
through this pen & hand
Touchscreen, mac book, whatever I jot these scriptures in
I was just hoping I wouldn't have to air a nigga out
People tend to think being aggressive is the realest route

Never been a pussy
Don't be foolish, watch the situation
Niggas only talk that shit on twitter
That's just provocation
Tomorrow I can take a flight where ever
Random destination!
Proudest moment of my life
My parents caught that new wire [?]
Bank account got new additions
All this from listenin' to them lectures

Sittin' in the kitchen
Mama used to cry cause she didn't know
if I would go to prison
Man, they would have gave a youngin' life
Lost me in the system
Man I couldn't have gave this to the world
without some good decisions
Everyday I miss [?] thru me they still livin'
Broke or rich we still gettin' it

Things change when it's diamonds on your wrist
Niggas switch when they pockets go to shit
Swear I'm a keep it trill broke or rich
Swear we gon' keep it trill broke or rich

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