All In

OG Maco

What the rules say
We don't care what the rules say
We don't care what the rules say
We just gotta win
We don't know, how did they get in?
So we going in
Why should we care what you say?
When we playing for keeps
Gotta go all in when you bet the streets [x2]

Why they mad at a Mac?
Wasn't thinking 'bout me when I stood in the back
Always had a plan, all I did was attack
All I know is a map to the motherfucking paper
If I told you, you would probably have jewels in your hand
Neck, wrist [?] buying mueller's and shit
I am who I said, you can prove that shit
Just ask your bitch
And don't be mad when she dodging and shit

Like why you ask?
Why you on my dick?
Straight from the block
All of these trappers with rocks in they socks
I been out posted when 12 riding by
Street corner chiefing, sold blunts at the high
Sessions stand by
Nothing but brawlers and ballers, but I

They doing them, I'm doing I
Stayed in my lane and kept burning my tithes
Laugh off my company, you calling em mad
You can find me in the cut in the back
With a beautiful woman, couple of tats
Pussy so good make my soul relax
Good God, Allah, Yahweh
Repent, Replay, Rewind on go
Nothing but green lights on these streets I ride
187 death by forty-five

When you giving your life, what would you bet?
What would you risk?
Put your hood on your back, probably slip a disc
When you going for the win, you can take a loss
If the coward don't snitch we gone all walk
But you know how that go, bitches do talk
[?] in the room but a elephant
Lame people be mad they irrelevant

Me? I'm just trying to duck the radar
15 years for a Ar
Da never play fair, Zimmerman just got off
Trayvon would have got the chair
Niggas know it if you don't
Corporations see color like street gangs
White or black, what do you bang?
You can beat yourself like Sosa

Or you can beat the odds like Hova
Listening to B-Push [?]
Thinking how it'd be if they knew ya
Listen to your song in the Rover
Thousand dollar shades sipping cola
You don't feel at all, I'm a gum, molars
Talking money everytime ya mouth open

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