Seven Seas

Obscenity Trial

I've been sailing 'round the world
On the seven seas of sadness
Where no beacon's ever lit
To guide the ferries of the blind
Where the navigator's captive
In the mystery of his journey
And the waves keep carrying me away

I've been listening to the silence
Of the watchman in the crow's nest
In expectance of a word
That could announce the sight of land
And the hailing of the seagulls
Would release me from my voyage
In the end I will come home

I've been landing in a harbour
Where the crooked and the blind
Where the restless and despaired
At least could find a home
Where all will be forgiven
And all burden will be taken away
Where I could stay

I've been walking round on docks
Where no fishermen arrive
Where there's no waiting for tomorow
Only lamenting the past
And I wondered if there shouldn't
Be a bletter place to rest
After all this can't be all

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