Slide Away (Cifrada)


Knebworth 1996

Chords used: Am7 (x02013) G (3x0033) G2 (3554xx) G7 (320001) F (x33211) F2 (1332xx) Fmaj7 (x33210) C (x32010) D7 (xx0212) D/F# (2x0232) E (022100) Intro & opening guitar solo --------------------------- [NOTE: there are 2 guitars playing at once in the intro, below is an attemot to fuse the two into 1 guitar part] b:bend(6b7 means bend the string at the 6th fret to make the note the string would make if played at the 7th fret with no bend) r:release the bend h:hammer on (use only one pick stroke and hammer on second note with another finger) p:pull off (opposite of hammer on) * e----------!--------3--0-----3-----------0---- B----------!--------1----1-0---0-------1------ G---5h7^^^-!-----0--0----------------0-------- D----------!---2-------------------3---------- *means strum this slowly A----------!-0-------------------------------- E----------!---------------------------------- * e-------3--0-----3----------0-------- B-------1----1-0---0------1---------- G-------0---------------0------------ D-------2-------------3-------------- A--0--------------------------------- E------------------------------------ Am7 G F Am7 G F e------------------------------------------------------ B------------------------------------------------------ G---7b9----7b9r7-5-----------------5-5----------------- D------------------7-----------5h7-----7----------7---- A--------------------------5h7---------------6p5----0-- E------------------------------------------------------ Verse ----- Am7 G F Slide away - and give it all you've got Am7 G F My today - fell in from the top Am7 G F I dream of you - and all the things you say Am7 G F I wonder where you are now Hold me down - all the world's asleep I need you now - you've knocked me off my feet I dream of you - we talk of growing old But you said please don't! Pre-chorus ---------- G2 F2 G2 F2 Slide in, baby - together we'll fly G2 F2 G G7 I've tried praying - and I know just what you're saying to me Chorus ------ C Now that you're mine, G we'll find a way Fmaj7 of chasing the sun Am7 Let me be the one G Who shines with you D7 F2 In the morning when you don't know what to do C Two of a kind G We'll find a way Fmaj7 To do what we've done Am7 G Let me be the one that shines with you F2 D/F# F2 D/F# And we can slide away slide away G E Awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Guitar Solo ----------- Am7 G F Am7 G F Am7 e---------5-------------------------------8--8h10p8----------------- B------------5-----------------------8h10-----------10--8--10--8h10- G-7b9-----------7--5--5h7--5---------------------------------------- D----------------------------5h7------------------------------------ A------------------------------------------------------------------- E------------------------------------------------------------------- G F Am7 G F G F G e------------------------------------------------------------------- B------------------------------------------------------------------- G--7b9--b9r7--5--7p5----------------------19b21--19b21r19--17------- D--------------------7--5--5h7------7--------------------------19--- A-------------------------------6b5----0---------------------------- E------------------------------------------------------------------- F G F G e------------------------------------------------------------------ B------------------------------------------------------------------ G-------------17--19--17-19b21-19b21-b21r19-17--------------------- D-------17h19----------------------------------19--------17h19-17-- A-17h19--------------------------------------------17h19----------- E------------------------------------------------------------------ G7 e------------------------- B------------------------- G------------------------- D------------------------- A--19--17----------------- E----------20--17--15h17-- At the end of the song, where Liam's going "slide away" over and over, the chords alternate from F2 to D/F# with the below guitar fill (as well as some variations of it) until the song ends. F2 D/F# e------------------------------------ B------------------------------------ G--7b9--b9r7--5-------------5--7--5-- D----------------7------5h7---------- A-------------------5h7-------------- E------------------------------------

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