Null Device


How many times
can I tell you that I love you?
How many ways
Can I show you that I care?
Too many times
I speak in permutations
So many days
before I can be there

All the distance lost in space
from fallen moments in it's place
now we live for what we chase
we run this endless race
all the feelings stripped and bare
from fallen tokens everywhere
now I live for what we share
I ache without your care

So many times
I want to say I love you
So many times
And yet I do not dare
So many ways
for me to show I'm happy
How much more time
until I can be there?

How many times
will I reach out for you
how many times
will you not be there?
so many times
I feel the walls between us
how much more time
until I can be there?

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