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Room 25

What happened to my hundred dollars Joe?
Nigga, did you take my money?
Heh-heh, that's right lil bitch! "

Penny proud, penny petty, pissing off Betty the Boop
Only the niggas that hoop, traded my life for cartoon
Dance monkey dance, cathedral gonna pay me good tonight
Eating Chic-Fil-A in the shadows, that taste like hypocrite
MM, yummy tasty, mm, mm, yummy tasty
Offer for my empathy, bitches just really lazy
Maybe I'm a hypocrite, maybe I'm hypochondriac
I'm struggling to simmer down, maybe I'm an insomni-black
Bad sleep triggered by bad government
Put a think piece in a rap song the new age covet it
If you really think I'm cooking crack
then pass me the oven mitts
Captain watch a lil bitch, she go crunch
and wonder how everything happen

My people started running a long time ago
and they are still fighting
Revolution was never meant to be easy
This is not your fight, black man
What is this to you?
Its not a matter of color
Freedom is everybody's business

Anti-political mythical in the picture
Your nigga just moved to Wicker
Your mammy stay on the south side
She paid to clean your house, power of Pinesol, baby
She the scrub tub lady
She that naked bitch in videos, that drunk club lady
Immortalize all the 80's
And then she real, real nasty
You thought with all her purses she be real, real blacky
Just like a Hillary Clinton, who masqueraded the system
Who chicken-boned, watermelon-ed
Traded hoodie for hipster
Infatuated the menstrual
When we cool, they cool
We die, it's coon
We supa fly indigenous, now hop to the moon
Who brought the movie to America?
It's still coming soon

Do you hear me man?
Do you understand? I am Black
I'm a nigga, do you understand me?
I was born black, I live black
And I'mma die probably because I'm black
Because some cracker that knows I'm black
Better than you, nigga
Is probably gonna put a bullet in the back of my head

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