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Fuck Day Six


Double Album

When I pissed a perfect rainbown
End days ever redrug screen
I needed help so I called up this skinhead
Lisa Brownley's old boyfriend
Noah Levine
He had a place against the stream
And he is a punk from Santa Cruz
A buddhist with a jewish name
How could I ever lose?
He'd give me a bro rate at a triple AA discount
If I checked into his mansion
And paid the right amount
Getting clean in seven days sounded pretty good
In a gentrified hipster neighborhood
They told me my addiction wouldn't be too hard to fix
What they didn't tell me was about day six
Fuck day six
Fuck day six
Fuck day six

The guy who searched through all my things
Was a producer Jim Goodwin
I gave up 'cuz he missed my two milligram strip of Suboxone
He said this isn't funny big Mike
This is serious detox
I said I'm laughing 'cuz your hand was
inside one of my jerk off socks
My semi-private room smelled like rubbing alcohol
So I wore a leather blindfold and a latex camisole
Two days later when I woke up
I was in such a good mood
'Cuz I was three days clean
And on Tuesday nights they served Mexican food
I never tried to quit drugs or hang out with Buddha before
But after four or five days I had no urge to score
I thought I kicked ass on the narcotics
But then I woke up as a toilet on day six
Fuck day six
Fuck day six
Fuck day six
Fuck day six
Fuck day six
Fuck day six
Fuck day six
Day six can suck my dicks

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