Nocturnal Breed

Nocturnal Breed

In the dark
I carve my mark
The sign of the Nocturnal Breed
I lust for blood
Dark virgins' blood
I lust for blood...Your blood...Bloodlust

When the moon has risen high
And the sun has faded black
Creeping, crawling, stumbling, rolling
The hunters of the night
Nocturnal Breed...Hunters of the night

"Intrepid beasts...Oh...Smell the mongrel rut
The acrid stench of triumph
When we ascend the throne of Christ
And desecrate the holy fields of heaven"

Howling at the moon above
Rolling yellow eyes
Wings of leather rising high
Hidden in darkness
Tormenting at night
We lust for virgins blood
Oh...Drink the Blood...Blood thirst...Oh Drink the blood

Compositor: S.a. Destroyer

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