Nocturnal Breed

I am the shadows on your wall
I am the gruesome in us all
I am the outcast born to die
I am the rebels sigh

I am the suicidal thoughts
I am the fear of raging wars
I am the splinter in your wheel
I am the boot you feel

This is what it's all about
No Pain, no gain, Motormouth

I am the bullets in your gun
I am the sound of hellion hounds
I am the reaper in the night
I am the fist you fight

I am the whiskey in your mouth
I am the sneaking thoughts of doubt
I am the snake in god's mistake
I am the first to hate

I gonna rip the solid ground
The barriers will fall on down
I'll teach you what it's all about
No pain, no gain, Motormouth

I am the creeping crawling beast
I am the outcast of your fears
I am the one to teach you wrong
I am the wicked one

I am the spine that holds your head
I am the one they said was dead
I am the knife that cut your vein
I only play for gain

Driving hard, living fast
Dying young...oh it's death at last
Pushing forth, seeing red
It's do or die...Oh I gonna shred

I am the brimstone in your hell
I am the nightmares when you dwell
I am the poison in your throat
I've sworn the bastard-oath

I am the masterplan in use
I am the one to pick and choose
I am the razor in your hand
I am the motor-man

All at stake, none to lose
Flesh and steel...oh chaos rules
Do or die, you die to win
You know I'm coming
Hear the desert wind

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