Dead & Done

Nocturnal Breed

Slow down, turn around
Coced out of clue, in a whiskey ghost town
Feel the fire, feel it burn
My blood is boiling, there’s no time to learn, Oh no

Powdered lines, the razor shines
Sex, drugs and rock’n’roll, to fuel my mind
I lit the fire, feel it rise
Crack down, pin down, release my lies

Blistering lips and finger tips
Through the haze I see you move and twist
A round of gin, black leathered sin
It’s time baby, let me touch your skin, Oh yeah

Hey! There’s a fire in my veins
Tear it down, dead & done, escape the pain
You! A meter's running at your bed
You lit the fire, but it failed to burn, and now you're dead

Instant kicks, a fucked up fix
I know the devil's got me playing his tricks
Feel the fire baby, feel it rise
Another round, then I hit the dice, Oh yeah

Compositor: S.a. Destroyer, Ben Hellion

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