Nocturnal Breed

"Oh…Come on!"

On silver wings – I accelerate
I push the buttons, to obliterate
Like a vulture diving – In for the kill
With violent force, I get my thrill
In the sky – I'm flying high
Overkill – Prepare to die
Bombers diving – Precision drop
Combat love, take me over the top

Hungry for vengeance
Your blood on my hands
I kill you all – Cuz I'm in command

You'll suffer forever
When I close my fist
No need for shelter – I never miss

Accelerating missiles
Flaring up the sky
Violent force, Is driven forth – Tonight you will die

Blaster, Blaster
Blaster, Blaster - (Kill you all)

Bombers diving – Precision drop
Combat love – Take me over the top

"Tell me that didn’t hit the spot…"

Compositor: S.a. Destroyer

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