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My Side of the Bed

Noah Cyrus

The Hardest Part

I spend all night on my side of the bed
With my knees and my toes hangin' over the edge
'Cause I know you want space
It's not what you said but the way
That you said that you're fine
When you rolled over in your sleep
I thought you were leavin' me
I know it's not you
I believe there's somethin' missin' in me

We sink in the sofa under TV glow
You are watchin' the world end but I just can't follow
'Cause I can't stop thinking
'bout how you felt hollow
When I was holding you last night
You shifted your weight and you see
I thought you were leavin' me
But I'm just too fragile to speak
There's somethin' broken in me

We all want the same thing, to love and be loved
It's a hard pill to swallow, but you're not enough
So I put on my coat, the world's cold and it's rough
And if you're gonna make it
You've gotta be tough, but I'm not
My heart's paper-thin
And the softest of words can send me spiralin'

So I guess my question after all of this would be
"Are you leavin' me? "
Oh, are you leavin' me?

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