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Days In The Trees


The rain fell soft
On the green and distant fields.
I saw you run
To the shelter of the trees.

I stood alone
With weeds and broken bricks -
My pale fingers curled
Round blades of autumn grass.


I heard your feet crack earth and branch
But you were covered by the leaves.
I shouted out and called your name
But you were hiding in the trees.

Days in the trees.

You rubbed the sleep from my tired eyes
And let the real taste of god
Change the colour of my thoughts.

I was draining the heaven
From the warmth of your breasts;
Lighting fire on the stone.

I tore at the seams
Of my smooth and laundered clothes
And ran to the trees
Racing naked against the day.

(chorus repeat)

Days in the trees.

The ascent to your heaven,
Spending days in the trees.

(i can't stand him laughing at us)

Compositor: Tim Bowness

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