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Living In The Mess


Running, running in circles
No way out
I'm Complicated
It's Complicated
I'm a project of broken mind

trying, I'm trying
walking on broken glass
I need some time
silence sometimes
Just stand alone

I felt free alone
Smoking blows
Drag me down
Don't keep my pleasures on!

Living in the mess of my conscience

so sorry i'm the bad seed I've always
wanted to leave.
Full time dreamer not good enough
borderline squizo
running and running in circles, no way out
gimme gimme, something. I fell like shit

tell me, tell me
have you never felt like this before
you're stuck in time, hard to please
all inside in your mind

Living in the mess of my conscience
Living in the mess of my conscience

up by XatiiiÂș

Compositor: André

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