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Fuck What They Say



Fuck What They Say

I was trying to find my own way
Listening to no one
I used to say

Fuck what I they say

I was thinking about have fun
Wasting time, but never mind
I don't care about my obligations

When I look back I can see a lot of incomplete things
So, I must swallow my pride
I used to think i was right
When I was young and not to hear my father's words

I thought I was very strong
But now I know I'm just fucking freak
Rights word's, I trew them all away

My father used to say "take car with your life"
It sounded like bullshit
I was used not care about the future

Now I can feel the pain and remorse cause I've done
It's my own way
I was trying to have fun but impossible and has gone way

Now I know I was wrong
My youth never come back again
And I'm screaming fuck what I said

Lyric by Ale

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