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The Other Improv


With the Lights Out: 3 CDs + 1 DVD

It's an odd alliance
It's another light I say
What alone tonight
Even if my eyes
Even have some time
Bet it all tonight

Listen I have been banging away
Even if you had a sight

It's mad enough tonight
And forests have never grown
It's another light
And I can never have mine

It's not mine
It's not mine
Instead I hide

I've been here for my friends
I never know if I said
Watching out for me
When I can love you
Have your way

And she might as well know I
Seem more high
I said minerals will make the world
If we did not have chemicals
You would not be writing my death certificate

Biting is my friend
My dog left me a sand send
One more day than I can plan
Ends safe from you
Biting ass a lie friend
When I will never have a friend
Biting silent as a man
His silence setting up around

And she improvised
And she was supervised
I was a rised
Or arosed
Or a rose
Or a rose
Or aroused
And fine
Fine line
When I
Said night time
When I
Could never kind
And I

My milk is your shit
My milk is your shit
It's hard and boiled
And sour all again
My milk is your shit

It revolves
It evolves
Cause it's biting out what would

My milk is your shit
My milk is piss
Don't you love that I can bite

Compositor: Kurt Cobain

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