Crabs In A Bucket

Ibiza, I had the time of my life
Came home, found out my dad had cancer, coulda cried all night
Told my agent "No more shows, I'm tryna lay low"
Ended up back on the block, doing the same old
Jazzy said I'm dumb cah I'm still making packs flip
On the strip, Lyca, soon get back on this rap shit
But time goes fast and a year went quick
I turned down them festivals to be here on the strip
Last year, I got signed to the majors for some big cream
They wanna hear music, I ain't even got a sixteen
I'm too busy moving these pies
Guess the hood got me institutionalised
Uh, this shit got my blood pressure high
I just wanna be free like some doves in the sky
I'm way too rich to stand in the ends
The best things in my life are free: family and friends
I thought he was my guy but he was in it to gain
I got shanked, no one's on it but I didn't complain
Everyone thinks I'm in pen, I'm chillin' in Spain
While they hate my success but they're feelin' my pain, let's go
I'm never at home, I should be there more
Time flies, how's my daughter already in year four?
And I'm still on the mains, akh, I'm dumb
I should be flyin' out to Jamaica with my mum
But I don't need this rap ting, with all this haze, I ain't poor
When they gave my nigga life, I felt like sprayin' up the court
Ask my nigga Midgy how he flood the drought
Can't talk around my iPhone or at home, feds bugged my house
I spent my whole life hustlin' in the trap
Invisible knife stuck in my back
Fam, the block adopted me
Used to buy bricks now I'm coppin' property
It's Nines

Yo, Quincy?
Yo, my brother
My G, I'm in the studio you know
I beg you send that, um, flippin' beat over
The one that me and Nafe did
The actual beat?
Yeah, just the beat
Nah, nah, but I'll try shout him
But shout him to um, shout me if anything

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