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Ice City (One Foot Out)


Zino Records
Ha ha ha ha ha!

I just wanna, reason to flip
I got guns watch me run and come season your strip
Getting funds, blowing weed in the whip
Till it's done Ill forever be beating my stick
Hundred miles on my speed limit shit
None of you niggas can say 'T he a prick'
Cos all I need is a wish
Life up, how the fuck I always seemed to be pissed
Hard work pays off, soft niggas stay soft
Told my nigga mix, but don't ever quit his day job
And fuck the money and the jewels and baguettes
Let's put em down, come we see who is a threat
I'm a certified g, nah I don't need no jewels
If you ask about T, they say I squeeze on tools
If you go against me, guarantee I won't lose
Bullets separate your spleen
My machine go boom

They never wanna know me before the Ps
It was Gucci belts, red and green looking all Portuguese
Bruddas talking spray talk but it's all Febreeze
You said wallahi akhi but you just ate pork and cheese
Before the stoods had to sort a fiend
I wanna leave the game but will they love me you know that Rich Porter scene
The day I paid my first bag that's all I mean
Married to the game, man it wasn't that all a dream
It's the Ice City crew, I been hitting sales, in and out the city too
Jimmy's by my whip moving hot I told Jimmy chew
Even though I take Jim's money I buy Jimmy Trues
Spent a stacky on my crep you should see my feet
Round table me Paps, Pebs, Nina, Keyz
Listen man I screw out the Cid's
Face getting chubby, guess I ate all the p I ease

Shopping up in Harrods like an Arab
I just spent three racks and made it back cah I'm stubborn
Your girl pree'd my Roley, wanna holla I ain't bothered
Need bricks in abundance, so I'm with my plug doing lunches
Tryna get the price cheaper
Fucking with the white, I got jungle fever
They never did it like me and Nina
10 bricks up in the hype before rapping
Really had it, like God strike me down if I'm lying
Up and down moving these packs they wanna hold me
My life's like the Wire we been ducking the Mcnulty's
Trappers say there working, fam they're faulty
Probably snitch on me like that nigga in Belly that Rico scene
Re'd up on some bricks to keep me occupied
Told him keep hitting me with birds, fam I'm sure that our flock will fly
Looking like the real definition of grind
Its Ice City in this bitch we stay shining, leaving haters blind

Still out here trapping with a deal, I can blow or catch a case try imagine how I feel
Still remember when I copped my first Q then what happened after
Audemar's on my wrist, no more Aqua Master
I had the hood looking icey on a summer day
Put all my chains on l be wearing like 100k
The plug called me saying that my prices are halal
Came off the phone gassed cos that's nice for my moral
I ain't no role model I slang rocks
Still with the same niggas that I used to play with in the sandbox
Jamming with them savages, you was doing mannequin challenges
I was really trafficking packages
Thinking bout them times I was cleaning up with Wonder
I rep one block, all them pagans team up every summer
Something mean under my jumper if the odds against me
With this. 357 I can even out the numbers pussy

Swear down nothing ain't stopping me
Looking like a Paris move, fucking ell, Kim K robbery
With some 'mali niggas and they warn lack
Girls used to front on me, yeah man gwarn bag
You stay around the Tv I hog the block
Connect gave me something to drink off, I got the box
Never pulled out for my age, how you feel Streetz?
Nah that's a light speech, birds fly, pebble beach
I'm on the block non-stop cos I got the gear
Fiends chill like my grandma, they see the rocking chair
I'm in the hoopti, these hoes big whipping
I jus warn stack chips, don't care what a chick in
Take a mans girl though, need a bad b's mess
Bug a boo warn Taylor guess she seems stressed
Telling lies bout your grub and your packing steel
Ask Nines he had me round chocolate, rag and deal

All I do is attack, bag straps make you niggas have to defend
Swimming in the deep end, living like it's the end
Beat corn, why you think my niggas got the rucksack
Straight funeral, after I make it cut back
Gun down niggas I don't ever give them no time
Running up to niggas while I'm giving him the 09
Turn the streets red if niggas ever try fuck bout
Guns on deck even when I'm the mums house
Hanging out the window, niggas know I make the ting burst
Mandem always telling me 'Fatz you need to think first'
Its judgement, roll on the block and cause mayhem
Gully motherfucker like I'm coming out of May Pen
Cah I don't spare nuttin like Gunna Dee
You see Fatz, just know I'm on fuckery
You lay a finger on Nines and that's world war
Head first, I'm throwing niggas off the third floor

I don't need no introductions, I'm the hardest motherfucker coming out of London
And if you're talking bout the flows, got about hundred
And if you talking bout the roads I be doing numbers
I come through in different whips like a niggas sponsored
Ain't a mission that I ain't accomplished
And they labelled me a winner from the days I was young and I was swinging conkers
Taking losses never been my option
And I'm always giving all or nothing
I'm getting older but I'm never getting bored of hustling
This fur jacket got me looking like I'm born in Russia
And all these diamonds on me dancing like the singer Usher
I'm that nigga with the big structure
In the city eating burger and lobster
Undefeated like I'm Anthony Joshua
If I'm ever at the fight I'm ring side, same seats as the doctors
Mobbed out with the whole of the mobsters

Still committing arson
My team score with the green and white, Henrik Larsson
I'm with Nila in the spaceship, whizzing past em
Two stepping in the club fam, Will and Carlton
Ask your gyal fam, I'm real blessed with the jargon
Wah'em, ask Gappy where we Rank in Harlesden
Wah'em, the block filled with garden
Wah'em, im with fifty Spartans
Ya dun see the gargon
How you mean, some dickheads warn over hype
F Scarface, respect the Sosa type
Ghosting, chilling in the tele like the Poltergeist
On the phone to Omar, he ain't worried about a social life
Changing bulbs the only time you hold a light
Cos he got the spot clicking hard like its poet night
Real deal like only Phil when I knock over mics
With a bunch that's over nice
This was years in the making this weren't over night

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