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Fuck All The Hoes


Fuck all the hoes that dissed me
When I blow they'll miss me
Always keep my burner on me cause the roads are risky
I push O's to the limit
Sell 60 in a hour, goes by the minute
This is for my yungers and my olders
Gonna buy them niggas all revolvers
Cuz I don't wanna have no fallen soldiers
Ask about me I make Q's turn to bricks
Used to have a Punto, now I push german whips
My nigga Kilo, always tells me "keep writing"
Cah I'm harder than most of these rappers when I'm freestyling
Can't wait for my nigga Jazzie to come out of pen
I can spit till I run out of flem, Uh
Cuz I, flow major, church road saviour
I got the hardest hooks, I'm Joe Frazier
Everybody telling me my rhymes are crack
Kinda paranoid though cause my lines are tapped
Sometimes I start reminiscing
Bout back in school days cah I could have achieved more but I never listened
Niggas close their eyes and bump their heads when I start to rhyme
Pagans say their looking for me but I ain't hard to find
Might seem hype, but I try to be a humble guy
Best you don't bring your bitch around me cah I'm young and fly
Full time hustler, I don't really do this music ting
Come around my ends shining guaranteed you lose your bling
I got my shotters delivering coke
While niggas is broke
Hating cah I'm swimming in notes
Give free samples to feens so they can come again
You find the hardest niggas spitting and I'm one of them
Got respect in my ends, we be setting the trends
I'm a ex gambler but I ain't betting again
Tryna reach a brick of yay
Same shit, different day
If I see a pagan I'll pull out my stick and spray, uh
Church roads where the guns be
I'm in the studio with Kilo and Lungzy
Got the whole hood feeling my bars
Can't find a clique realer then ours
Crs Nigga

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