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We'll Be Back For More

Nina Nesbitt


Lindy likes a drink or five
She lives in the rock room at The Hive
We can't get her out the door
Till she's passed out on the floor
But she'll be back for more

Claire is an actress who won't act
I guess dreams that big can break your back
Now she's at university
Playing smart girl with a degree
But she'll be back for more

Fizzing nights with cheap champagne
Kissing strangers without names
The world began in 1994
You'll be you and I'll be me
The rest is still a mystery
The only thing we really know for sure
Is we'll be back for more

Rachel worked at Build-A-Bear
Just to make enough to disappear
So now she's chilling in Chang Mai
She's a runaway with a round trip flight
But she'll be back for more


And all I've got is this guitar
I'll let it take me near or far
'Cause staying here is not enough
I wanna know what I'm made of
But I'll be back for more


Composição: Nina Nesbitt & Rune Westberg

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