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Nina Nesbitt


Look at us, we made it out alive
Those were the years that I learned to survive
Maybe youth ain't the time of our lives
They just romanticise it
Met you at a party on Halloween
You were studyin' at university
And all your friends would laugh and joke about me
But I didn't mind being a punchline at sixteen

I liked that you were older
But at the time I didn't understand
It's 'cause you held the power
And I thought love was meant to feel like that
All the things I gave you
Now I wish I could takе them all right back
'Cause I wasn't a woman yet
But you wеre a man
I was just a girl in love with a man

And it felt like a twisted game you'd play
Of who could take my innocence away
But it wasn't yours, no, never yours to claim
I thought that true love was to give yourself away

It sent me into orbit
Knowing that you wanted me like that
Didn't see a problem
It's only now I'm older, looking back
Made me feel so special
Now the only thing I feel is mad
'Cause I wasn't a woman yet
But you were a man
I wasn't a woman yet
But now I am

You'd pick me up in your car
We'd go speedin' down the lanes
I'd meet you in town with my fake ID
Claiming I was twenty-three to get into bars
I never felt so cool
And now I know you probably knew that I
Would do anything to impress you
And now I wonder, is that how they get you?

They say that your youth
Is meant to be the time of your life
But I feel fuckin' stupid that I was cryin' over older guys
Bet they don't think about it
Wish I knew what I know now back then
'Cause I wasn't a woman yet
But you were a man
I was just a girl in love with a man

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