Last Long Time

Nicol Smith

Nicol Smith

Lately, Ive been thinking
About how I spend my time
In a hurry, always worried
And if I caught up I'd still be behind
I've spent too many days and nights
Chasing the wind
Just running so hard to stand still

When was the last long time
The last long time
When was the last long time
I spent with You
Oh it seems like forever
I need to talk to You
Lord, when was the last long time

Lately, I'm short of feelings
There's this longing deep inside
To be near You
I can hear You
And I miss our time alone
I've spent too much time
Not trying to find
A way to get closer to You

Repeat Chorus

You offer me peace
Beyond understanding
You're just waiting for me
And I know I could find
All the love that I'm missing
If I spent more time on my knees

Oh, be still and know
Be still and know

Repeat Chorus

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