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My Melody

Nico & Vinz

Black Star Elephant

[Chorus] x2
My melody [?]
My melody [?]
My melody [?]
My melody [?]

Will you care for me, care for me?
When nobody will me see me?
Will you care for me, care for me?
When nobody will me see me?
Will you cover me gently?
Let me sleep in your house tonight
You know, you know, you know

[Verse 2]
By the depth of the well
And the trunk of the tree
That's where I waited
So that you could comfort me, comfort me
Cause I needed to talk, you just walked
But what's so wrong about it?
My fam done kicked me out
Society, I'm torn about it
And you talk to me
Like you know where I've been
Talkin' 'bout, "That's real life, "
I'm talkin' real dear, so what we talkin' 'bout?
I can't inhale the air in the world, polluted with ignorance
These lungs don't wanna read no more
That's all I'm able to talk about
If these my last words
I would sing this
And if I have to go
Play this at my funeral
So I'ma let the music play for every day that you're afraid
We all cry but your tears ain't the same, I can see that
Now we can't kill what is hard, ill and vicious
But improve these statistics, enlighten our existence
Believe that

[Chorus] x2

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