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Another Day

Nico & Vinz

Black Star Elephant

I used to pray every night when I was younger
On my knees, folding hands for my mother
And my mother used to say when she was younger
She used to go to bed filled with hunger
The same hunger got her working even harder
Got her traveling to norway from ghana

She said "my son, we're blessed
Now let's say our father"
Ups and downs, that's how life go
What's high if you don't know low?
So I try not to complain
Appreciate life so I keep saying
Another day goes by, another day goes by
And I thank God that I'm alive

I think I was about ten years old
Watching the news with my dad
I didn't see nothing but tears and blood
And a bunch of people looking so mad
"That's war", I was told
I said "how? That ain't nothing like the games I have"
I couldn't grasp the sense of an innocent child
Dying by the hands of a grown man

And while some kids raised on cartoons
Young girls making money in dark rooms
We all deserve a decent meal
Why his belly so soft?
Why she holding that hard spoon?
And where is my head of state?

If crime pays, talk peace
Still engaging in heavy arms trade
In the jungle that we call sin city
While life rules, survival of the fittest
Another day goes by, another day goes by
And I thank God that I'm alive

Oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh yeah, yeah
Why, why, why, why
Yeah, eh, eh, eh, eh
Thank go that I'm alive

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