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  • Informações do Álbum Barbie World (Mixtape)
    1. Barbie World (intro)
    2. Your Love
    3. Girlfriend
    4. Fuck U Silly
    5. Mi Casa
    6. Up Out My Face
    7. Saxon
    8. Get Your Paper Up
    9. Lil Freak
    10. Knockout
    11. Shakin' It 4 Daddy
    12. Take It Off
    13. Sex In Crazy Places
    14. Grinding Making Money
    15. Ponytail (Feat. Mya)
    16. The Cipher
    17. Fuck The B.S.
    18. Getting Paid
    19. Streets Is Watchin'
    20. Gettin Cake
    21. Finale
    22. Roger That
    23. Bedrock
    24. Dang a Lang
    25. Sweet Dreams (Remix)

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    [Nicki Minaj:]
    I'm in the collard green 6, cornbread in the guts.
    Got da Halloween kicks trick or treatin the clutch.
    Come on nigga is you trickin or what?
    Flo-fl-flow tighter than a dick in the butt.
    Just hopped off da plane, came back from Vancouv'
    Little white tee, some boobs, and bamboo.
    White girls tell me, "hey Nicki, your camp rules.
    Is that why you get more head than shampoos? "
    Asalaamalaikum, no oink for me.
    And I never let a D-boy boink for free.
    'Cause it's barbie bitch, you can join the wave.
    I done penny, nickel, dimed, I done coined da phrase.
    You couldn' beat me there if you had a Leer.
    Indian-style court side with a cavalier
    VIP Roseau's you can have a beer.
    'Cause honey when you gettin money you don't have a care.

    Now r-roger that, r-r-roger that. R-roger that, r-r-r-roger that.
    R-roger that, r-r-roger that... Roger.

    Young black Rico's.
    Kill for da C notes.
    But me though,
    I jack son bitch Tito
    She wanna play games,
    But this is not bingo.
    Monopoly I'm past "GO"
    Gon' ahead and deep-throat.
    4-chick Foursomes,
    Skin colors mocha.
    Sally and Sonia put the pussies on my Totem.
    Watt stroke 'em,
    Strike it like bowlin.
    Now open like you yawnin'.
    It's 6 in the mornin.
    Slee-Sleepin on me probably in a coffin.
    I'm hotter than the end of fuckin' August,
    I'm awesome.
    I'm awesome. Repeat it to ya Grandma and Uncles, my Mothers
    Tyga's no Dad but I'm the muhfucka.
    My fucka's,
    This the last supper.
    Look, no hands,
    I'm a bread cuffer.
    I don't dare lover,
    I'm a dare devil
    I don't fear nothin'.

    Now roger that. Roger that. Ro-Roger that.
    Roger that. Fuck around and never get Roger back.

    [Lil Wayne:]
    (I'm goin' in!)
    Fresh off the jet, sharper than Gillette.
    The blunt still wet, so pass it like bread.
    We sip side a mug, we call it upset.
    Smoke more than 4 quarters, we call it sudden debt.
    I'm a beast.
    You a pet.
    AK long neck.
    Keith Sweat.
    Weezy, muthafucka.
    Capo in this bitch with me.
    Money talks and have a convo in this bitch with me.
    I'm mountain high Colorado in this bitch with me.
    Flow crazy. 730, you just 650.
    20 bullets from the Chopper take the roof off.
    Laughin to the bank,
    I'm a goof ball.
    It's YM.
    And we at yo neck like a Violin.
    It's our world.
    We make it spin.
    And y'all the prey... Amen.
    Now roger that. Roger that. Where Roger at? I heard Rog' a Rat.
    Fuc-Fuck around and never get Roger back.

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