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No Flex Zone (Remix)

Nicki Minaj

Hell no u cant use my lip gloss
Pop a perc now I'm on lift off
Ass still fat its on rick ross
U bitches make a nigga dick soft
Bitch ball like I'm at tip off
Get it wet then I rub da tip on
Rag & bone jeans I can slip off
Bitch I been hot since flip phones

Runnin this game for 5 years, guess that's why my feet hurt
Wonder when they bite me, do these bitches teeth hurt
Yes I am an icon, that's me on yo t-shirt
Thought u knew better, do yo fukn research

U ain't know this da "no rip zone"?
This da "u can't beat nick zone"
Madison square when the knicks home
I live next door to brad pitt's home

I like bad bitches cuz they like bad bitches too
I like hood niggaz wit a bad attitude
They could never reach young nick magnitude
Even if they had the longitude, latitude
Listen up hoe dis my territory
U r my son like a episode of maury
Like a episode of er, bitch I'm hotter than the d. r
When it come to rap skills, nobody waannt see her

Mufuckas flexin, mufuckas actin
Bitches iz my sons &they causin contractions
Ain't pushin out, ima gih dem to di clinic
Cuh wait, we no rate dem gyal and dem gimmick

Whack sauce I could hear it in ya tone
Dis nigga keep starin in my phone
But if u ugly, its a no text zone, its a no sex zone
Its a no flex zone!
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