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Kiss My Ass

Nicki Minaj

She in that brand new mercedes
I'm the president so that makes her my first lady and i keep
Her fresh her shoe game is crazy
Would knock a broad out for the dog that's my baby fresh
Manicure and her nails got rhinestones
Coke bottle shape with a caramel skintone and she
Be lovin when i'm blowin her back out
Pulling on her hair i'm trying not pull a track out and just
Like birds do you know i go down south
I do that thing with my tongue you know what i'm
Talkin bout hood with a lil class
Real cute with a lot a ass make a nigga spend all his cash let's go

K-i-s-s my a-s-s
Dueces, coupes is roofless
So they can
K-i-s-s my a-s-s
Dueces, coupes is roofless
I love it when they say...

I heard you was looking for the big bad wolf
I mean a bad bitch from the big apple i mean i
Make it pop like snap crackle let's hit the chapel
And go get a castle cause you know i'm the
Queen but i let the king roam cause
It is going down like syndrome you could be fred i'll be
Wilma flinstone and fuck them other bitches
They can buy your ring tone cause you know i
Get wetter than a juice box
When i say who got the juice
i ain't talkin bout tupac sex game
Cold i need a hoodie
I can give you something
Way better than them goodies(my goodies)


We on the go but find time for me
and when a nigga in the mood she come put it on me
She in the kitchen like a d boy
she puts it down she know my style so she don't trip when
Other girls around neighbors complain
cause at night we make a lot of noise and after sex
She makes me tacos like in
baby boy she love a nigga cause i make her feel comfortable
Me and you can have a family
like the huxtables can't lie
your back rubs make me feel good
That bath and body works
got you smelling real good
and if i ever got in trouble she'll take
The charge now that's real shit
see how much she love the dog


[talking: nicki minaj]
Engineers on the board be fuckin my shit up and all that but listen
Nicki minaj bow weezy let's get it, listen, you know what bow wow i think you might be
Old enough now to be my favorite rapper
you know what i'm sayin let's get it
Atl, ny it's goin down like [slurp sound]

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