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Always Love You

Nicki Minaj

[Verse 1: Nicki Minaj]
Once upon a time there lived the Harajuku Barbie
Use to watch the game in madison square garden
Coliseum block on the weekend Italian
Icces from the Puerto Ricans
She reps Queens like a crown or a real poofy gown
Or the little white lady out in London
Weeds bridge far rock, southside Jamacia block
Flat-Bush Brooklyn, all of them Jamacian spots
This is my city and I be reppin my city
It's where the giants will tackle you, call a capital avalon
If you come to my city u might see what I mean
It's the city that never sleeps but it's the city of dreams

[Verse 2: Gudda Gudda]
What up uptown, downtown, 6th ward
7th ward, hardheads, west bank, 5th ward
3rd ward, 10th ward, reppin every damn street
Shout out the mighty nine and east 2 Mazant St
Rest in peace son he had Tyra Lan
On lockdown, it's a shame they took him out the game
I see ya CeCe, Nacho, FiFi
Snag Gang, Chuck D, Tallee, T-Streets
That's them Garetti boys, all about the fetti boy
Only think broke 'round here is the levee boy
You know my city nigga, yeah it's real hood
Talk to Turk other day, he doin real good
Hold ya head C, hold ya head mack
Rest in peace Soulja, damn we need You back
Shout out B. G. , the whole Chopper City
Cash Money, Young Money, yeah we got the city

[Verse 3: Short Dawg]
Yeah, now let's welcome the Katrina victims
I wasn't there when it happen, but I seen the pictures
So anything my niggas need they can call Short
My arms always opened like Walmart
I moved to the A and promised I'mma be back
I'm still #1 in Houston like T-Mac
Check my sleeve tats, I know you see that
H with a star, syrup pourin over green back
Yeah, and I ain't talking Ms. Buttersworth
So pass me a styrofoam double cup at first
And I'mma pour a four up in that
And sip it till you see me movin slow like I'm fat
This the home of the the candy painted doors on the 'lac
And voices sounding deep as baratone on the track
(Awready) Yeah, we call that screwed
And if u movin too fast we might call that rude (Houston!)

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