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Get Started Early (Unreleased)

Nick Jonas

It feels like the kind of day
I can plan a home getaway with you, with you
Breakfast in bed is a good way to start
Wanna taste your lips, my favorite part of you
Yeah you, babe

You've been working too much
Let's get drunk on this love
I gotta think that five o'clock is somewhere

You can't drink all day if you don't start in the morning
Loving you's too fun
So don't let me close my eyes
When I see your face
Somehow sleeping don't concern me
So let's go all night, baby
And get started early (get started early)

It's a make our own movie night
Slow dancing in a candle light with you, with you
When you tease me, you please me in all the right ways
Try to catch my breath, but you take it away
It's true, it's all better with you

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