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Turn My Back



On even on my off days
Right even when I'm off-base
Life, live it like tomorrow ain't promised to me
gotta get it today
Why wait, too late
Never heard it, always on time, my way or the highway
Mind state not safe, need grace
need love, need God, need faith
Betrayed, cut ties, first time, first take
worst case, wordplay
My home, my stage, my place, less you, more Ye
More Drake, more Em, more Dre, more Cole, more Kendrick
More names Cordae, Sean, 6lack, my list
my names, my picks, my taste
My fate in my own hands
Hand it over to you, no chance
Wanna get the job done right, I do it myself, oh yeah
I am what they wanna be, who they wanna see, the big man
God's plan, got a problem
with the boy take it up with Him then

Iconic, who want it?
Heard that you was looking for the smoke, huh?
Catch me on bad day an you might find it
Fine dining, flying private
Couple things that I could easily afford to do
A couple things that you don't know a thing about
You might've read about it, heard about it
thought about it, dreamt about it
Played it out inside your head
but what I'm doing for a living isn't something I was taught
You either got it or you don't got it, and you don't got it
I'm the co-signer, you the broke artist
I'm the captain and you in coach flying
I'm the lead roll, you in the background, yeah
I'm the star player, you the mascot, yeah
I'm the future, you the past, old-timer
I'm the truth and you the bold-face liar
I'm the Ceo and you the customer
I'm the front man and the ghost, ghost writer
I'm the creator, I'm the director
I'm the hit maker, I'm the empire
I'm the shot caller, I'm the showstopper
I'm the real one, you the fake knockoff

Jawdropper, headliner
Topgunner, head honcho
Eyecatcher, real stunner
Y'all got it? New topic
Ye's documentary was inspirational to me
I love watchin' lames try to keep stars in the dark
just 'cause they afraid of ya
Funny how they switch up quick
when they realize that your name buzzin'
Funny how they all wanna hop on board
when they see the wave comin'
Funny how they wouldn't put me on the tour
Now they hit me up and say, "I hope you doing well
We should do a tour or somethin'"

Man, stop

We ain't doing nothin', got my own thing going
that's the way I like it
Too many cooks in the kitchen, that's a problem
I ain't never gotta worry 'bout
Twelve people on a song, man, to each his own
but for me that's a little wild
Got enough people in my business
I don't need another hand dippin' in the pot

I don't need nobody showin' me the ropes
I don't need you tellin' me to do my job
I don't need to hear you say that I'm the Goat
I don't need you askin' me to switch the style
I don't you need you laughin' when I tell a joke
I don't you fakin', tryin' to crack a smile
I don't need you, I don't need you
I don't need you telling me it's been a while

I don't need the label breathin' down my neck
I don't need the venue tellin' me it's loud
I don't you talking when I'm tryn' to rap
I don't my name comin' out your mouth
I don't need you usin' me to get respect
I don't need a picture with you for some clout
I don't need you, I don't need you
I don't need you tellin' me you got some doubts

Worry 'bout yourself
I don't need your help
What's your name, what's your name, what's your name?
Doesn't ring a bell

Every time I look down and your number pops up on the cell
Shake my head, threatenin' me
tryin' to get me to respond, well
If you really knew me you would know that
That's the quickest way to make me turn my back on you and

Composição: Tommee Profitt, Cole Edward Walowac, Nate Feuerstein

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