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I'm boss with it, authentic
All y'all frauds better
Quit with the trash talk
Before you get tossed in it
Y'all tripping, bar ripping
Y'all sipping too much
Right to the palms dripping
Lost in it, thoughts different
You don't want no drama?
Then don't get involved in it
I'm in a whole different head space
You making money? well that's great
I got no interest in talking to people
That I know are two faced
Too fake, get outta my face, woo
What are you doing in my lane?
There's already too many rappers
I'm sick of the traffic
And I ain't got no brakes
I already passed you
You don't like what I'm doing, who asked you?
You got into music cause you think it's fun
Man I'm doing this cause I have to
It's real music, chills to it
Feel through it, real stupid
Skills truest, quit moving, woo
If I say something, I will do it
I used to dream of these moments
I'm living 'em now
Look up to heaven like mom are you proud?
I'm on my way to new zealand
I'm up in the clouds, dang
I mean who woulda known this
Who woulda known this
This industry never told me I was welcome
I went to the house in the back
And broke in then told 'em
That I would be back
I flat line, all of your whack rhymes
That's mine
Might get away from it boy mm lp
I'm the bad guy, the last time
I have been taking it easy
The game's mine, fame why?
I don't care about none of that
I'm just speaking the trash lines
I grew up on eminem
Now look where the game's at
Lame raps, hollywood fame acts
I'm sick of the same trash
I got no blunt in my mouth
But give me a beat, I'mma blaze that
Give me a beat, I'mma blaze that
You and me ain't in the same class
You and me ain't on the same row
Music has always been my home
I used to call up some people
That won't call me back
Now they blowing up my phone
Ain't it funny how that works?
Mad perks, killing the record
Got blood on my black shirt
I'm jealous in love with the music
Don't ever come near her
I ain't from around here
How you let me run it down here?
If that isn't bothering none of you rappers
Then what are y'all doing out here?
It was like music to my ears
Might never make it, I don't care
Drake, I love what you doing
But call up the game and tell 'em
That I'm here, yeah
I like that, might snap, I laugh
Y'all better surrender
And get out your white flags
And cancel your flight plans
Your career isn't taking off
You sound like a hype man
Hit you with the mic stand
And they ask what the hype's about
Come and find out, I mean
Where is you clowns at?
I been training, pen game is insane
I'm done playing
This music is ground breaking
Lung shaking, done waiting
Y'all taking my patience
Quit faking, y'all hating, it's crazy
I mean you know who my name is
Rhyme slayer, stop nathan

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