O produtor e compositor Muca lançará, nesta quinta-feira (27), o seu single de estreia. Trata-se da faixa "Until We Meet Again", uma música que conta com duas colaborações mais do que especiais.

A primeira é a cantora Alice SK, jovem artista indie-folk do Reino Unido. Além dela, nada mais nada menos que a lenda da Bossa Nova, Roberto Menescal.

Muca mostra com exclusividade no Vagalume a letra do lançamento. Veja abaixo:

"Until We Meet Again"

The hollow sound of silence fills the air
It echoes out and the ring gets too hard to bare
But then you float to mind
A spark that blazed so high
Once again darkness it floods with light
Oh if you'd only stay a while

The sun it sets but shadows linger
An earth of ash while the heavens shine brighter
Oh how our ears crave, the music once played
To make us sing, cry, laugh and sway
How we long for one more day

The choirs cease and the night grows dark
It seems the clouds block the moon and hide the stars
But then your melody, rings hauntingly sweet
From above warming hearts as it greets
Well until we meet again

The hollow sound of silence fills the room
Time ticks slowly yet it reaches far too soon
February waves goodbye, I'll just shut my eyes
Wait for pain to pass and for the sun to rise
Oh won't you stay a little while

See my words won't capture you, not your smile nor your lovely tunes
But may I just say, we adore you in every way
Taken by your heart and enchanted by your play
Well friend until we meet again
Well friend until we meet again