O cantor Greyson Chance lançou o seu novo single, "Twenty One". A música traz uma sonoridade pop e fará parte de "Portrais", seu próximo álbum, que será lançado no próximo ano.

Além do disco, Greyson também realizará uma nova turnê. Até o momento, o cantor só anunciou shows nos Estados Unidos e Canadá.

Escute "Twenty One" com a letra abaixo:

i feel electric when we hit the highway
go to the city, spend some money, and play
i got somebody, and I want them calling my name
life is so hectic and I need to relax
my friends they tell me that I need to cut back
i live in the moment, burnt sleeves and cigarette ash

cruising all summer
cheap drinks, fast toys
take another fall for a pretty boy
he puts a spell on me, puts a spell on me, fucks me all up puts a hex on me

dancing all night
ripped jeans, red eyes
take another hit tryna be a cool guy
it fits well on me, you fit well on me, fuck me all up put your hands on me

one more, baby, have some fun
we only got one year to be 21

i'm feeling perfect when the music's too loud
i'm sick of working, i just want to hang out
i want somebody, i want a stranger in a crowd
life is so crazy and i think am too
i easily forget ‘bout people it's true
i live in the moment, new faces, vintage tattoos