I Need You

Never Shout Never


The moment that you walked into this room
You noticed me notice somethin' new
A ghost from a recent past has come to haunt you
I'm open ears
I'm here for you to vent to

But just so you know
I love you right here, right now
You can bring up yesterday
It will only bring us down
Then, I say
It's alright to use imagination
when we're talkin' 'bout the past
And she said
I ain't stretchin' the truth
You hurt me pretty bad
And I won't make it
If it happens one more time
So, I replied
You're the only one I touch
You're the only one I love
And you got me
Just as long as you need me
You got me
Just as long as you need me
I need you

(I need you)
(I need you)
(I need you)

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