Deep Misery


Victim of Yourself

Hunger compresses the stomach, despair increasing
Skin and bones, weakness, anemia and diseases

The cold from the ground freezes the soul
People despise deep misery
Who cares, does nothing to change
This is not impossible for anyone

Anybody cares?
Anybody cares?

The pain not to be nothing
The pain not to be anyone anyone
The pain not to be anymore
The pain to be excluded

Deep misery
Deep misery
Deep misery
Deep misery

The pain of hunger is not a reason
People pretend not to see
Who cares, does not contribute
And you can be in this situation

Repeat Chrous

A bother of a hard ground brings pain
People ignore what they see
Who cares, doesn't really help others
This can happen to you, you are not free

Anybody cares?
Anybody cares?

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