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    Gun shots rained out over the city
    And had everybody duckin and runnin checkin for any
    Kinda shelter cause them peoples know they at it again
    If you aint heard or seen it then you better pretend
    Aint got no time for stoppin aint no catchin your wind
    Ya baby mammas on the porch tellin ya daughters "come in"
    Got fathers grabbin sons "where the hell have you been boy?"
    And yeah they startin young I'm talkin 13 and 10
    They started tranin in streets on top of ghetto battles
    But they aint hoopin in no gym they hoopin crates in the alleys
    Where else can you shoot a jump shot
    Slang a rock off all from the same spot?
    Got one gang on this half the other gang
    on the other half of the same block
    Gunplay on Monday
    Sundays a fun day
    Will it stop one day?
    Well I cant call it no way
    When ya gettin started everybody wanna help n get ya all
    But turn around first motherfuckers wanna see you fall

    Say now (say now)
    Can you hoes come out to play now? (play now)
    Say now (say now)
    Can you hoes come out to play now? (play now)
    Say now (na na na)
    Can you hoes come out to play now? (na na na na na na na na)
    Say now (na na na)
    Can you hoes come out na
    Wait a minute na wait a minute na wait a minute na

    [Hook: 2x]
    Feel like I'm runnin towards the day light
    Tryin ta get my mind right
    And just before I grab it somebody reach out and snatch it
    Im from tha Say now
    Can you hoes come out to play now?


    Oh, hear me out now

    Tryin ta put my city on the map and they mad at me
    The same city some of them live in and they mad at me
    When I come down the street dirty why you mad at me?
    Is it cause the old school freestyle nigga from A to Z?
    Aint seen these, tv’s, I aims to please
    They mean the same to me like Biggie to C's
    Like Easy to E, Tupac to overseas
    And I done seen more Aaliah fans fall cryin to they knees
    I tell ya, I aint been livin this life for too long
    And I cant count how many times someone has asked me what's wrong
    Why my mother was gone
    Why my daddy wasnt home
    And the same shit they told me I found myself tellin my own
    Now its good-bye bad nights
    Hello good times
    There aint no way I let no nigga step in my shine
    Keep tryin (keep tryin)
    Theres bound ta be somethin G
    As long as I'm in S-T-L-U-N-A-T-I-C

    I'll tell ya



    Hear me out now

    Say now (echo 4x)

    by : Bia tranka

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