Neil Diamond


Neil Diamond

Written by: Neil Diamond and Jesse Diamond

Everybody needs someone
That they're gonna be leaving
Everybody's the same around the world
If you wanna find someone
Then you only have to show it
Nothing's sadder than love that's left unheard

Me, how I try to deny
That it pointed to you
Too many roads up ahead
Looking shiny and new

Everybody needs someone
But it's gotta mean something
Giving up a part of you's the hardest part
If you wanna have someone
Then you really gotta know it
Doesn't take very much to break a heart

May I get lost in your eyes
For a lifetime or two
Something about your and I
Leads me right to the truth

Some people always got
Some thing they've got left to say
Some need to keep it inside
They just wanna hide away

And I'm glad I have you there
'Cause I would have been nowhere
Being here all alone's a lonely sound

Everybody needs someone
That they're gonna be leaving

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