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Be Mine Tonight

Neil Diamond

Written by: Neil Diamond

I never needed to hear the truth
You never wanted to know
I never wanted to be unkind
But then something kept telling me go
There was something kept telling me go

We stayed together like birds in a cage
But then one of us had to get free
But who had the heart to say goodbye
Wasn't you so it had to be me
Wasn't you so it had to be me

You told me to go when I wanted to stay
Breaking me over in every way
Telling me just what to do with my life
But, oh, I wish you could be mine
Oh, I wish you would be mine tonight
Be mine tonight, tonight
Be mine tonight

We never knew it for what it was worth
It was worth more than we understood
We never got past the lies and the hurt
And it hurt even when it was good

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