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Pressure (ak Ni Ne Prophecy)


... Mic checka not deka but it's da black us ... word of mia madre Ja Jousha e Allah ... refugees ... Cuba, Haiti and Somalia

absorbed whitin' abomination of cycles 6 degrees of separation
infectuous the fallout all out cultural radiation
birth into it's vortexation, conside my stations station elevation
3-6 nation, massacration's my fixation
brittles their pedestal, high melanin a sin? not incidental
if not instrumental in my mentals being elemental
and if it's meant to, I'll guide a missile, dent, disrupt your central
solo co-host, ghost, coast to coast, on entral, intercontinental

(Soul boy)
oh the militant warrior
stamp me feet swear in pure anger
man and man don't respect another man culture
the results always lead to cold blooded murder
Razzismo child abuse when is it goint to end
life is no joke a friend is not a friend
my parens slave in the wicked man pen, oh my niece got rape
my cousin go shot dead
life's got me rabid from it's fog, peep the analog

rit: I suggest you don't tess' a underdog under pressure
real on a scale you can't measure, calculate rate or ledger
I suggest you don't stress an underdog under pressure
violate what I treasure, you pain be my pleasure

... make my way to Babilonia ... Asalaam Alekam
I face ... don't be mistaken
I shy away from bacon
pure ... not fakin' ,,, back I'm breakin' ...
(Phase) I ask what cross i bear, 500 years engulf my sea of tears
my coat of arms spell struggle, pins transform to sins
mortal can't juggle
it's on it's on
the bomb that's calm, get nam, v.c. Saigon, a view to kill
code name Python (never in it for a minute, for the life long
is our life song)
(Soul boy) Because of yesterdays pain and sorrows
that's why we have to plan a better tomorrow
parents don't teach the children things
that you don/t want them to do tomorrow
results could be drastics Babylon plastic
endless wars look all over planet
man and hate bond togheter like a magnet
the quikedness me have to tell man stop it
(Phase) lord knows how i transformerd from greetin'
lay back and take a beatin
chicken eatin'
so sweet and child of gold, to vegan cold assasinatin'
make moves in silence, strike with malice, callous, like '63 in Dallas
and quick to burn your palace, ilk dreads challice
realign justice balance


chiuso en tu casa aiò que pasa
o sgasa o intasa o nella mente o in strada & plaza
privacy invasa spinge energia come quasar
que sarà tabula raza mondo collassa
cielo che si abbassa prassi scassa
c'è ressa pressa ma sopra l'uomo l'uomo che confessa
incassa ingrassa para subliminare innesta (there is no justice their is only us)
yes yes yes
(Phase) envision, visions of this picture:
blind to designs of how the tricked and dicked ya
ironic, stereo phonic, habits chronic, they convict ya
legacies endorse a passive massive i refuse to grasp it
God creates the man, but check the roster
man creates the monster


I declare r.a.w. conovouls at war
devour shower go for your jugular on the regular

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