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I Am Your Father

Neal Morse

Sensitive boy, military father
Both of them needing something very badly from the other
They had no choice; they could not reach eachother
Now the boy's an angry man; he holds it in no longer

(He says) I could never win anything 'cause I already felt beaten
And you have always hated me so I guess now we're even
So look at me now - I'm not afraid to fight you man to man
And the old man says

I am your father
I am not another
Of your schoolboy classmates
I am your father
And you will not forget me
I will stay part of you forever

Listen to my side
Looking back I wonder
Why I couldn't feel for you the way I felt about your brothers
And there were times
I'm sure you still remember
When I tried to talk to you and you left me an outsider

I avoid painful things so you were avoided
And I never really hated you, just sometimes dissappointed
So look at me now
Am I the same as the man you love to hate?
No matter what....

I am your father
I am your father
And you can mess up my face - go ahead
But I'll still be your father
And you cannot forget me
I will stay part of you forever

I could never look at you and say I love you
I was taught that real men never broke down
I feel like a victim I know you do too
Like father like son
I'm so sorry for the things I've done

I am your father
I am your father
Come what may
I'll be part of you forever

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